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Day Tours and Activities

Day Tours and Activities

Safaris and tours for all travellers including families with children, individuals, groups and honeymooners. We specialize in wheelchair friendly and accessible tours, safaris and travel for the disabled, handicapped and mobility impaired including deaf (hearing impaired) and blind (visually impaired) guests.

Honeymoon Packages

We offer an unforgettable honeymoon and all-inclusive spa combined safari packages in our dream destination of KwaZulu Natal. Email us for more information!

Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air ballooning is about an intriguing blend of personal challenge, adventure, romance, the unknown, colour and fun, of getting closer to nature’s elements of earth, wind, fire and firmament. If surrealist has a place in life’s list of experiences, then perhaps hot air ballooning best provides it. It’s about experiencing mankind’s oldest form of aviation, suspended animation beneath a colourful canopy of hot air – destination unknown! – momentarily leaving the loving arms of Mother Earth, outside the confines of aircraft, at one with nature.

Shore Excursions and Day Trips

For cruise ships at Richards Bay and Durban ports of call. Join us for one of many options for exciting day trips including day safaris to Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve and visit Zulu Cultural Village.

Elephant Interaction Experience

A unique and wonderful experience in the heart of Zululand where you get close and interact with these powerful but gentle creatures. Guests seeking deeper meaning to their visit can have close contact and interaction with wildlife. Although little can match the thrill of seeing wild elephants in Hluhluwe Game Reserve, guests are also afforded an opportunity of close contact with 2 mature elephants that were orphaned and hand reared but are now free to range in a private game reserve that is over 2 500 hectares.

These two elephants come up to visit the viewing area each morning, for a welcome snack of game pellets. Here you will be able to interact with them in well-controlled situations and also enjoy suburb interpretation of the elephant species, which is enlightening and clearly shows the care and concern that.

Visit to Cat and Cheetah Rehabilitation Centre

Join us for an up close and personal tour and learn more about South Africa’s endangered wild cat species. Come and be mesmerized by the beauty of the Caracal (Lynx), enchanted by the playful Serval, astonished by the speed and agility of the Cheetah and delighted by the African Wildcat. View and photograph these amazing animals at this Centre. There are educational tours daily, with feedings during the afternoon tour and an informative talk about the animals and the project by an experienced guide.

The aim of this Centre is to care for wild Cheetahs, Serval Cats, African Wildcats and Caracal (Lynx), which have been orphaned or injured in the wild and are in need of care and rehabilitation. They also breed where possible and release the offspring back into their natural habitat.

Pineapple Queen Tour

Hluhluwe produces 90% of the fresh eating pineapples of the South African market. The variety of pineapple grown here is known as the Queen pineapple. The other major South African pineapple producing area is in the Eastern Cape, where the Cayenne pineapple is grown. This is a less sweet variety, used mainly in processing as juice or canned.

The Queen pineapple originates from South America. It was first brought to South Africa in 1655 and was first grown in Kwazulu-Natal in 1860.

Pineapples were a vital source of Vitamin C on the sailing ships of previous centuries, which helped prevent the sailors from getting scurvy. Three slices of fresh pineapple contain 86 mg of Vitamin C – 143% of the adult Recommended Dietary Allowance.
The Queen pineapple is a tropical plant. They are grown by planting the tops of other pineapples and take 18 months to reach full maturation, growing best in temperatures of between 15oC and 30 oC.

Hindu Temples in Durban

Hindus first went to South Africa in the 19th century when the British took them there as indentured labour. After the expiry of their indentured servitude contracts, many of the Hindus settled in South Africa around Durban.

In order to practice their faith they built temples where they could pray. The Umgeni Road Temple Complex in Durban is one of the oldest and largest temples in South Africa built in 1883. Architecturally it resembles the temples found in South India.

However the more popular temple is the Durban Hindu Temple of Somtseu Road. This was built in 1901. This temple is modelled on the North Indian architecture with noticeable Victorian and Islamic influences. The main deities are Shiva and Ganesha. Another interesting aspect of the Durban Hindu Temple is that it is visited by members of all faiths.

Whale watching

Whale watching in St Lucia. St Lucia boasts the highest number of sightings in South Africa. Let your spirits soar on this extraordinary educational adventure as you join a three-hour whale watching and dolphin spotting trip while gliding amidst memorizing turquoise blue waters. Whales migrate northward from the Antarctic through South African waters, passing and dwelling in St Lucia, on their way to warm tropical waters of southern Madagascar to mate and calf. Both mating and calving takes place in these warm tropical waters. Gestation is 11 to 12 months and lactation takes a further 11 to 12months.

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